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Wave X 258Welcome to a bright and wonderful future where past and future meet in the present….

Did you know that health, wealth, and self-fulfillment can be possible for everyone, and that if everyone on this planet had all three, it would go a long way to solving much of the problems we face around the world?

Just imagine, is it really possible?

Drawing on the innovation and wisdom of our collective past, coupled with the creativity and inventiveness of the present, The Center For The Future introduces you to a forward-thinking plethora of products, services, and information designed not just to enhance your life, but with the intent to change the consciousness of the planet, to the good of all, starting with you….

Imagine a place, where….


We are Andrew and Doe, and through The Center For The Future, we have offered leading-edge ideas, products and services since 1999, spreading awareness of what is possible for ourselves and our planet.

Whether through our unique energy pendants, advanced frequency wellness products, passive exercise and massage equipment, out of this world self-improvement techniques, holistic voice lessons and healing services from Doe, that include Reiki and breathwork, the goal of The Center For The Future remains the same….to facilitate for our planet the real possibility of an enhanced and enlightened future.

But we have much more – please read on….

Over the years we have realized that there are three things most people wish for, and if they had these three things they would have the foundation to live a fulfilled and happy life. If these three things were available to everyone there would be a lot less poverty, fear, violence and hatred in our world.

They are….



And the knowledge that both, and more, can be achieved without doing harm to others

For a long time, we have sought ways to achieve these things for ourselves, and also offer them to others. We believe in the possibility in a bright and wonderful future, and we have come to realize, without health and wealth, people cannot simply live to their fullest potential, and often fall into destructive pastimes and patterns in the vain hope of achieving fulfillment.

Over the years The Center For The Future has offered a variety of innovative and cutting-edge products; some have come and gone while others remain, tried and tested.

In today’s economy, making ends meet can be a challenge for many, even when living in a seemingly rich and free country. Many, unfortunately, are not so lucky. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The working environment for many is changing, and wherever you live in the world, traditional jobs are disappearing. Too many people work long hours and are stressed and underpaid, whilst others are looking for someone to give them a job; very few are raking in millions, never mind billions! But what if there were a way to change all this, a way that not only tackles financial issues and fairness but can also deal with issues surrounding health and wellbeing?

What if there was a different way of doing things that ensured everyone got what they wanted?

Whilst humanity stands on the brink of technological marvel and spiritual enlightenment, it also stands on the brink of destruction. You’ve seen the news, heard the doom and gloomers, witnessed the general craziness in the world, maybe you have heard about “Wave X”, and no doubt have your own first-hand experiences of intense weather and subsequent natural disasters, that are occurring on a seemingly unprecedented scale! In so many ways things are not looking all that good, and in other ways, there is a level of uncertainty.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way….it really doesn’t!

We can change things both for ourselves and for our planet, as well as for our future, but we can’t do it unless we change the way we think, and what we believe to be true.

On this website, you will discover a way to….

LEARN a way of thinking that will not only allow you to achieve your own goals with mathematical certainty but can also help everyone with whom you come into contact to achieve theirs, too – COMING SOON!

AWAKEN and live a balanced life with great health and fitness, find true love and long lasting relationships, become more spiritually enlightened and enjoy real happiness.

DISCOVER revolutionary techniques and ways of thinking for removing those obstacles that may be blocking your success and giving you less than optimal health.

USE powerful visualization tools that will help you to create your future now!

ACHIEVE positive self-change by reprogramming old beliefs with a one of a kind multi-sensory, audio-visual subliminal brain entrainment system.

EXPERIENCE holistic healing and the many alternative paths to wellness and radiant health with non-invasive, all-natural methods.

CHOOSE from a selection of unique and attractive pendants that will not only protect you from electromagnetic radiation from computers and Wi-Fi, etc., but also positively affect your personal energy field, address particular issues and concerns, and help attract specific situations into your life.

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