Magical, Mystical Breathwork and Coaching  in Longmont, Colorado

Doe Kelly – Experienced Breath and Energy Worker

Reiki III (Master Level Practitioner)
B. Music in Voice Performance
Singer / Recording & Voice Over Artist
Holistic Voice Teacher / Coach

Why are you calling what you do “magical, mystical breathwork?”

The practice of breathwork is not only the entering into a “non-ordinary state” of reality that offers insights and ‘aha’ moments, but it is a profoundly spiritual work, with deep mystical roots, that can often reach right to the depths of a person’s Being. It is my experience that this work offers spiritual initiation of magical and mystical proportions.

Learning to breathe fully and freely under the care of a trained breathworker is to invite greater joy and aliveness into your life. Breathing fully and freely in the presence of a trained breath facilitator invites an unwinding of ones past unhealthy conditioning, bound up in an inhibited habituated breathing pattern, towards a healthier and happier existence, freed of old wounds and hurts. That past conditioning comes from both this lifetime, and in particular our early experiences as children, as well as from (in my belief) past lives, and sometimes ancestral memory rooted in our DNA, not to mention birth and prenatal development in this life. To experience this work is to truly experience the mystery, wonder, and joy of your existence here.

And if I know nothing else, one thing I am sure of….

The thing tying birth and death together is our physical breath, which begins when we are born, and ends when we transition to whatever the next realm is… between, we do have a choice as to the quality of our life…..informed by how well we are going to choose to breathe!

I am offering….

A complimentary 30-minute phone or face to face consultation for people considering taking the deep dive into this profoundly spiritual work.

Make an appointment

Please contact me by email to set up an initial phone conversation. If you desire to meet in person prior to deciding if this is for you, we can make an appointment to meet at a coffee shop near my home in SW Longmont.

What does breathwork cost?

You have several options for paying – although I do not encourage ‘one-ofs,’ (unless you are someone who has experienced a considerable number of breathwork sessions already) the cost for an approximately two hour session (which includes plenty of time for the purpose of returning, grounding and recovering from your breath catalyzed, magical, mystical state!) is $80 if you pay as you go. If you choose to pre-pay for a package of 10 sessions, you will receive a discount of $55, making the cost of the package $745. This is also done with the agreement that you complete all ten sessions within a three month (12 week) time period, which should give you a little bit of wiggle room, if you need to skip a week or two, or if your schedule is somehow irregular. If you commit to 10 sessions but need to break up your payments, you can pay $375 up front, then pay the remaining $370 at the time of your fifth session. Payment by cash or check preferred. As a celebration when you complete your package of ten, I will gift you a 45 min. energy work session of your choosing!

If you find that doing 10 breathwork sessions is something you would like to experience, but that you do not have the finances for, please talk to me to see if we can work something out.

Learn more about Breathwork and About Me as your guide and facilitator.

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