Is Brain Degeneration Avoidable?

What if all of your hopes and dreams could just disappear, literally in an instant?

And you didn’t even KNOW it.

What if, one by one, your brain cells and neurons were just… dying?

Imagine putting every dream or wish or plan that you have ever had on the table, and just watching them fade away, every day, just a little.

Our toxic environment, nutrient-depleted diets, and unrelenting stress affects our sensitive brains more than you can even imagine … EVERY day, without fail.

This is an invisible epidemic that is killing our future and erasing our memories.

NY Times Bestselling author and global leader in Functional Medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman, has gathered the leaders in health and wellness, from all over the world, to share their cutting-edge information on dementia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, MS, Alzheimer’s, brain fog, and a very long list of brain issues that we “thought” were separate problems.

Please click here and register ASAP for this free online event.

This is given to you at no cost because you are priceless. But definitely budget the time to be there every day, each episode opens at 6pm, starting on January 17th, and stays up for 24 hours.

It will be aired at no charge (but if there’s one documentary we would like you to consider owning, this is the one – ownership also provides you with a great workbook to use and follow along with, throughout the series).

We CAN change this. Depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia, ADHD, anxiety, mood swings… these are all part of the epidemic. Owning this series, when you get the chance, gives you the information you need to chart a new course NOW and create your best life down the road.

Here’s a list of ALL the episodes that are all available for free for 24 hours:

  1. The Broken Brain Epidemic / My Story (January 17)
  2. Gut Brain Connection: Getting to The Root of a Broken Brain (January 18)
  3. Losing Your Mind (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, MS, and More) (January 19)
  4. ADHD and Autism (January 20)
  5. Depression & Anxiety (January 21)
  6. Traumatic Brain Injury: Accidents, Sports, and More (January 22)
  7. 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 1) (January 23)
  8. 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 2) (January 24)

Click here to watch the Trailer. And please share this link with those you love:

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Discover the formula for living a miraculous life!

If someone asked you to learn a new skill as quickly as possible (like painting, for example), what would you do? (Answer: you would no doubt look for someone who has already mastered that skill, and ask them to teach you, right?) Smart!

Now, if you found yourself craving a more fulfilling life, with better relationships, more money, and deep happiness, what would be the “smart” thing to do?

(You guessed it) – find someone who has accomplished just that, and follow their lead!

That’s where Marci Shimoff (#1 NY Times best-selling author and featured teacher in “The Secret”) and Debra Poneman (founder and president of Yes to Success, Inc., author, and mentor to some of today’s most renowned transformational leaders), two well-known happiness and success experts, come in.

Marci and Debra wrote The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life that we are giving you today, completely free.

Inside their transformational e-book, you will discover the 4 biggest (and unconscious) mistakes you could be making, that are keeping you from living a life filled with miracles.

You will learn their proven formula for transforming yourself into a magnet for miracles.

The big takeaway is that we are unconsciously doing things every day that keep miracles out of our lives.

Once you learn what these mistakes are, you can stop them, turn them around and start living a miraculous life.

Get your free copy today and discover the formula to live your life in the “Miracle Zone!”

We promise you will be glad you did. If anyone knows how to live (and teach) about living a miraculous life, it is Marci and Debra. (We know, first hand, Doe having been a participant in the first two years of their online mentoring program, “Your Year of Miracles,” and Andrew having been a “silent partner” in the program and process, so to speak! They know of which they speak!!! And, at very least, you owe it to yourself and to your success and happiness to download their free e-book, below, now!)

DOWNLOAD NOW – 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life

When you download your e-book, The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Keep You From Living a Miraculous Life, you will also have the opportunity to claim a free spot in Marci and Debra’s upcoming 3 Secrets to a Life Filled with Miracles webinar. If you could use miracles in your life today, this e-book along with the 3 Secrets webinar are the holiday gifts you will want to give yourself.

So go ahead, give yourself permission to transform your life into something miraculous; you have nothing to lose and, quite literally, everything to gain, from these free gifts.

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Confused about GMOs? Get the Real Facts!

It’s being called “The Biggest Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind,” but chances are you haven’t heard about it.

That’s because companies like Monsanto are making billions of dollars on genetically modified foods and the toxic chemicals they are designed to be used with, and they’d rather you not know how this affects your health and the state of the environment.

Register now to watch

GMOs Revealed, a brand-new docu-series brought to you by an expert team of whistle-blowers determined to expose the facts about genetically modified food to as many people as possible.

This 9 part series is available FREE for a limited time to registered users, August 22nd through August 31st. Watch and share this eye-opening series and learn why it’s vital that we are aware of the real risks posed by the rise of GMOs.

It’s up to us to become educated about what GMOs are doing to our bodies and the environment.

Real change only happens when people like you and me join together to raise awareness and demand accountability.

Please put August 22nd through August 31st on your calendar, and join us in watching GMOs Revealed during this free screening event. We can’t afford to be uninformed on this important topic any longer.

Register Now for the 9 day Free Screening Event of GMOs Revealed.

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Vaccines Revealed

Make sure you are registered to watch the exclusive worldwide screening of the docu-series, “Vaccines Revealed”, FREE and online here.

For decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep certain truths hidden.

For example:

-Robert Kennedy Jr. just released a book about mercury and vaccines, all science based. He’s dear friends with Arianna Huffington and many in the media and still….he can’t get anyone to promote it.

-An actual whistleblower within the CDC came out less than a year ago and said he was “ordered to doctor” the results of the 2004 study that said autism wasn’t related to the MMR vaccine. It’s been covered up and media won’t cover the story.

Enough is enough.

How can you help?

Watch and share the FREE online docu-series, “Vaccines Revealed” with a new episode every day for the next 9 days.

Real change will only come if we band together as concerned parents, health advocates and everyday heroes who are committed to exposing the truth and spreading the word.

The producers traveled the world with an award-winning documentary team and put together a magnificent Hollywood quality documentary series that will blow your socks off!

You won’t want to miss a single riveting episode.

Register here now.

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Did you know? 80% of grocery store foods contain sugar!

Sweet Freedom Summit

Sugar is not just candy and pastries, the soda and loaded coffee drinks you order each day; it’s also found in many other foods–foods, in fact, processed by their manufacturers to force your body into addiction.

Refined sugar is made similarly to heroin and cocaine, but triggers the brain’s receptors 8 times MORE than cocaine.

It’s a serious issue because refined sugar is found in +80% of grocery store foods. No wonder we find it impossible to stop eating it, even though we know it’s killing us!

Register for the Sweet Freedom Summit.

WHY ATTEND? Two decades ago, your host, Sherry Strong, was completely addicted to sugar. She was obese, sick and depressed to the point of wanting to die. All of that changed when she removed sugar from her diet.

If you are struggling to give up sugar or even if you simply indulge periodically–whether a health professional, busy mom or career-driven person–this event can help you, finally, improve your health and your life.

Register for FREE.

The Sweet Freedom Summit will teach you about:

How “non-food addiction” can lead to a serious and painful death
Impacts of poorly processed foods on your emotional state
Educating your family to be supportive and healthy
Why diets rarely work long term (and the strategy that does!)
Creating nourishment in your heart, mind and spirit!
And, so much more.

The Sweet Freedom Summit is online and free from April 10-17, 2017!

Register today!


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Help Us Expose An Alarming Truth…

You need to know about something important coming up on January 10th.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo has been digging into the hidden truth behind vaccines.

As a health care provider, he found that the whole story wasn’t being told… and it needs to be told.

When making critical decisions about your health and your children’s health, you need to be armed with the facts.

“Vaccines Revealed” is broadcasting their exclusive docu-series event for 9 days only. From Tuesday, January 10th-18th. And you can watch the whole thing for FREE here.

This is powerful – – If you want the latest, real information you will not want to miss this.

It’s time to expose the truth and take back our health care system.

With an award-winning film crew, they flew all over the world and got exclusive access to whistleblowers, former drug reps and university scientists.

As you probably know already…

The drug and vaccine industry is a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise… focused more on profits than human lives.

Drug and vaccine companies blatantly falsifying documents…

Whistleblowers getting completely BURIED…

Our Government looking the other way…


And that’s not even to mention the tragic human cost of families ruined by vaccine injuries, endless medical bills… ruined marriages… and a rapid rise in chronic disease (especially in children).

It took months and months of care, attention and energy to edit each part of this stunning series. And now it’s finally ready for the world to see.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health.

“Vaccines Revealed” tells the hidden story behind the vaccine industry.

And you can watch it FREE from January 10th-18th.

Register for this exclusive, world-wide event now by CLICKING HERE.

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Do you know the facts about eating fats?

There’s still so much confusion and misinformation out there about eating fat, both the fat on our bodies and the fats we eat. You’ve been told that eating fat makes you fat–and increases your risk for heart disease and other chronic illnesses–but fat is NOT the enemy. The truth is: eating MORE FAT can help shut down cravings, accelerate weight loss and potentially prevent or reverse disease!


Drs. Mark Hyman, Carrie Diulus and over 30 of the world’s top experts created The Fat Summit to dispel the biggest MYTHS about eating fat, and reveal the latest research about how to eat, move and supplement your diet for improved health and longevity!

Register for FREE now.

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:

Dr. Hyman’s first Fat Summit was a major hit–The Fat Summit 2 has 30+ brand NEW interviews during which you’ll discover even more about…

  • Biohacking your biology and weight loss with healthy fats
  • Truths about saturated fat, cholesterol, butter, sugar, carbs and more
  • Review and discussion of the latest articles on fat and weight loss
  • Digestion of fats through supplementation
  • Effects of dietary fat on fertility
  • Importance of community for making/sustaining healthy lifestyle choices
  • How eating more fat complements/combats other dietary approaches
  • Best practices for maintaining your weight and healthy eating habits

The Fat Summit 2 is online and free from November 7-14, 2016!

Register for FREE at the following link today:

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:

We’ll see you at the summit!

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Touching the Earth through Earthing

Have you ever enjoyed the warm, tingling, pleasant sensation of walking barefoot along the water’s edge at the beach, or on a stretch of dew-moistened grass? It feels good, doesn’t it?Earthing

The problem is, most of us never seem to get the chance anymore, to connect with the Earth in this way, the way our ancestors did for most of their lives.

Today, most of us live inside, and we walk around on non-conductive surfaces such as wood, plastic, carpet, laminate and asphalt. Even when we do venture outside, we wear rubber or plastic soled shoes, completely insulating us from the ground. There is a solution, however, and it’s called Earthing.


Earthing is a fast growing movement based upon the major discovery that by connecting to the Earth, our bodies are grounded, making us feel better, fast!

By making direct skin contact with special conductive products, you, too, can receive the life promoting energy of the Earth to help maintain vibrant health.

Tell me more…

We would recommend, in getting started, the popular starter kit which features a money-saving combination of an Earthing Half Sheet, made with conductive silver thread, to use on your bed when you sleep, and an Earthing Universal Mat for use elsewhere in your home or office during the day.

Also available are body bands and disposable patches, which all connect to the Earth by either directly passing the accompanying Earthing cord out the window, which is then connected to a stake in the ground, or via the grounding port of a wall outlet.

For more information about Earthing CLICK HERE.

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The Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook

Crop Circle TouristThe Crop Circle Tourist is the Essential Guide to the Crop Circles and Ancient Sites of Southern England

Have you ever wanted to travel to England and walk inside a crop circle? How about visiting an ancient site such as Stonehenge? As an American you may think England is almost the same as the United States. After all, we speak the same language, right!

You probably also think that England is small and easy to get around. That you can just hop on a plane, and as soon as you have driven just a few miles from Heathrow Airport in your hire car, you will be taking photos of your first castle, and setting foot inside your first crop circle.

Well, maybe, if you go on an organized tour costing thousands of dollars, it might go something like that, but what if you want to go it alone, what do you do then?

How are you going to know where to go to see a crop circle, or when the ancient sites are open to the public, what to ask for if you can’t find a restroom, and, most importantly, why is this pint of beer I’ve just purchased in an English pub a lot larger and warmer than the beer I’m used to back home.

Rather than wasting valuable time with trial and error, the Crop Circle Tourist is almost like having a tour guide on your mobile device. It has chapters on geography, history, driving, banking, shopping, where to stay, common translations, eating out, conferences, the weather, London, where to go to meet like-minded people, public transport, crop circles, castles, ancient monuments, and houses, including the real Downton Abbey!

As you can see, all is revealed in the Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook, which, by the way, was first written as a real book back in 2001, but has now been updated and re-edited, and transformed into an ebook that can be download onto your mobile device. It can also be read on your home computer and tablet. You can easily carry it with you wherever you travel. It has more pages than the original, and, therefore, is bigger, but lighter, and very much flatter, and could soon be appearing on a screen near you should you decide to download it.

Click here to learn more and to download.

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Benefits of the Chi Lite for Redlight Therapy

Now anyone, professional or non-professional, can benefit from affordable redlight therapy!

Introducing the Chi LiteChi Lite Redlight Therapy

About half a century ago a revolutionary new discovery was made that would lead to putting a hand-held device in your hand that could relieve pain. It was found that certain monochromatic (single-wavelength) light beams had excellent therapeutic properties, especially on afflicted cell tissue, through a process called “photostimulation.”

Various wavelengths in the red and infrared color spectrum were tested, and researchers found that the 660 nanometer red wavelength was the most effective redlight therapy they could find. This wavelength was the closest to the actual resonance frequency of a healthy cell.

How is this redlight therapy best delivered?

Scientists discovered that a continuous redlight therapy beam sedates the tissue, resulting in relief of pain, relaxation of tense muscles and reduced swelling, while a pulsed redlight therapy beam stimulates the DNA within the afflicted cell, causing the cell to produce an increased quantity of protein and calcium, which results in accelerated healing of the tissue – 3 to 5 times faster than normal.

Two ways were found that best allowed redlight therapy to reach problem areas in the body;  direct application of the light onto an area of skin, where it penetrates about one inch into the soft tissue, or the beam applied directly onto acupuncture points, for a deeper penetration.

Having a single (monochromatic) light wavelength, the beam travels through the body’s acupuncture meridian channels, reaching internal areas within the body. This turns the light into an extremely effective acupuncture point stimulator.

Using both direct application and acupuncture / acupressure point techniques, any problem area within the body can be reached and addressed.

The best methods of producing the desired monochromatic, single-wavelength light for redlight therapy

As this incredible innovation was being discovered and tested, researchers found that the two best methods of producing the desired monochromatic, single-wavelength light for redlight therapy were either by the use of a laser,  or LED (Light-Emitting Diode). Lasers and LEDs were both capable of producing the essential monochromatic light beam without introducing other wavelengths or impurities. In hospitals and clinics, lasers and LEDs have both been proven to be effective in stimulating damaged cell tissue, resulting in the relief of pain, accelerated wound healing, the treatment of various skin conditions, wrinkle removal and deep stimulation of the acupuncture meridians.

Most lasers used in redlight therapy are expensive and are approved only for use by licensed physicians and health professionals – until now!

With recent advances in LED technology, small hand held devices such as the Chi Lite are almost comparable to a laser. The advantages of LED redlight therapy are tremendous, and this technology is now almost unbelievably affordable. In fact, the cost of the Chi Lite is about one-tenth that of a laser, and its life expectancy is approximately 20 times longer. Even more exciting is the fact that the Chi Lite is completely harmless, with absolutely no side effects. This allows the Chi Lite to be used on a much wider range of problems than a laser, and by professional and lay persons, alike.

Research has shown that when using redlight therapy on affected cell tissue, it’s the “monochromatic, single-wavelength” feature that is the key to cellular response, which is offered by both laser and the LED Chi Lite.

The Chi Lite puts affordable, redlight therapy, literally, in the palm of your hand!

The Chi Lite uses the restorative power of LED light to reduce pain and promote healing by the use of this soft, but powerful, 660 nanometer red beam of light, which simulates the frequency of a normal healthy cell. It’s safe, easy to use, and proven for a wide variety of ailments;

  • Soothes surface wounds, abrasions, burns
  • Penetrates deep to heal muscles and joints
  • Reduces swelling
  • Heals scar tissue
  • Improves endurance, sleep and immune system

What makes the Chi Lite a superior choice for anyone in search of a great healing tool?

  • Uses only proven redlight therapy technology
  • Has solid and pulsed beams, with high and low settings for each
  • Convenient flashlight-type design
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Can be carried in a pocket or purse
  • Great for travel
  • Runs on two AA batteries
  • Measures just 7.5″ in length
  • Comes complete with protective case

CLICK HERE to order your very own redlight therapy Chi Lite today and feel the results for yourself, instantly!

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