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What is the Chi Lite?Chi Lite Product

The Chi Lite infrared healing light puts NASA-developed technology into the palm of your hand, using the restorative power of LED infrared light to reduce pain and promote healing. A soft but powerful red beam simulates the frequency of a normal cell. It’s safe, easy to use, and proven for a wide variety of ailments.

  • Soothes surface wounds, cuts, insect bites, burns, abrasions, burns
  • Penetrates deep to heal achy muscles and joints
  • Helps with sinus issues
  • Reduces swelling
  • Heals scar tissue
  • Improves endurance, sleep and immune system
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases collagen production
  • Helps with acne

The Chi Lite uses only proven red light technology, has solid and pulsed beams with high and low settings, comes in a convenient flashlight-type design, and runs on two AA batteries.

How does the Chi Lite work?

Light heals and makes things grow. NASA pioneered light therapy decades ago when it developed light-emitting diode (LED) technology to stimulate cell growth in space. Today low-level lasers are commonly used in medicine for “photo-stimulation”, to help patients with chronic pain and to speed healing.

The Chi Lite is a laser-like wand designed for both lay people, as well as professionals. It uses a red LED light, which softly disperses photons into the body without creating heat, at a 660 nanometer red wavelength, the closest possible resonance to a healthy cell. The light increases circulation, stimulates collagen production (the protein that repairs tissues), improves lymphatic function, and boosts adenosine triphosphate (ATP), to improve cell efficiency.

There are two ways for the Chi Lite to reach problem areas in the body. It can be applied directly to the skin, where it will penetrate about one inch into the soft tissue. Or it can be placed above acupuncture points for deeper and multi-location penetration.

When using single-wavelength light, the beam will travel through the body’s acupuncture meridian channels like fiber optics, reaching internal areas within the body – making it an extremely effective acupuncture point stimulator. Using a combination of direct application and acupuncture/ acupressure point techniques, any problem area within your body can be reached.

How is the Chi Lite used?

Simply place the Chi Lite on your skin or directly above the afflicted area.  Hold it in place for about 5 minutes. Then move it in small circles around the area. Maximum benefits come from an application of 20 minutes, repeated several times a day.  With a recent injury like a burn, you may be able to watch the wound heal before your eyes.  Long-term scars and wrinkles may require many weeks of treatment.

Suggested Uses

The Chi Lite was initially designed for use by acupuncturists, to relieve pain and promote healing on the body’s pressure points and meridians. Medical practitioners and lay people alike have since discovered many other benefits for this red LED therapy wand. Here are just a few:

Pain Relief

Arthritis, Back/neck soreness, carpal tunnel, headaches, sinus discomfort

Surface Healing

Acne, age spots, bruises, burns, scars, swelling, wrinkles

Deep Healing

Fibromyalgia, pulled muscles, sprains


Circulation, depression, collagen production, emotional balance, energetic equilibrium, stress relief

Measures 7.5″ in length.

Comes with carry case.


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