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Clear Field Resonator
Clear Field Resonator

An effective tool for primarily clearing harmful radiation from the ground (geopathic stress), but can also be used to help clear electromagnetic radiation from computers, wi-fi etc, and from nearby power lines, sub-stations, smart meters, radar and cellphone towers

The Clear Field Resonator®, also known as the Clear Field Plate®, will neutralize a considerable amount of the harmful aspects of geopathic stress in your home. When used to clear electromagnetic radiation we would recommend using other tabs and resonators first, and then adding the Plate to boost protection further, if necessary.

The human body is about 70% water containing salt. It therefore conducts electricity and is an electrical system. The body’s functions and responses are controlled by weak electromagnetic pulses from the brain. These regulate the body’s well-being and its ability to heal itself. The body’s responses are also affected by natural EM radiation in the environment. In our electronic age, however, we are constantly bombarded by unnatural radiation contrived by man, which is not at all what we evolved with, potentially causing us harm.

The Clear Field Resonator® combines the use of a unique Crystal Catalyst® dielectric ceramic material, developed by a husband and wife team, expert in parapsychology, dowsing, and geopathic stress, which is able to alter the harmful aspects of geopathic stress from the ground and electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances and cell phone towers etc. The Resonator also employs an energized silicon dish, sacred geometry and principles of Feng Shui.

For electromagnetic protection the Resonator may be placed on an internal wall on the opposite side of your home to where any unwanted external radiation is coming from. It can also be placed on a stand, and should face the source of the external radiation, such as that emanating from cellphone towers, power lines and sub-station transformers. The Clear Field Resonator will also clear most internal sources of electromagnetic radiation, but spot clearing of computers and routers is still suggested for added safety - (see below).

For geopathic radiation, the Resonator just requires to be placed on a stand or hung on the wall anywhere in your home, but should be placed on the lowest floor.

If used in a bedroom, it should be aimed away from the bed, as it may over energize some people.

As mentioned, in addition to the Clear Field Resonator®, other resonators (see list below) are available for protection from specific sources of harmful and obnoxious energy emanations, such as cellphones, household appliances and office equipment, and hybrid cars. These resonators can be either worn around the neck for all-around protection, adhered to or placed on an offending device.

The family of Crystal Catalyst® Dielectric Resonators have been endorsed by professional and lay people alike, for more than twenty years. They have been primarily (and very successfully) marketed by word of mouth, from person to person, with no advertising. They are used by many people, in countries all around the world.

Measures nearly ten inches across.

Free shipping to USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico destinations.

Shipping to Canada - $25.00 (includes insurance)

Shipping to the rest of the World - $35.00 (includes insurance)

Never requires replacement.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!
(must be returned in original/new condition with packaging)


We offer a complete range of electromagnetic protection products .....

The various types of harmful electromagnetic radiation emanating from such things as nearby power lines, cellphone towers and electricity sub stations, to name a few, as well as from geopathic stress, can alternatively be mitigated by using a number of smaller, less powerful, and more affordable, products. This is why we offer a complete range of items that can give you various levels of protection.

For example, we have products that will not only protect you from the sources named above, but also from cellphones, bluetooth devices, computers, vehicle electronics (including hybrid vehicles), and much more.

No other company can offer you protection like this!

Protection that can be customized to fit your particular needs and budget.

Below is a list of additional Beads, Tabs, Resonators and Pendants that can help give you protection from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emanating from many differing sources, as well as for other types of negative energy.

Not sure what would work best for you? - click here!

We would be happy to give you FREE HELP & ADVICE by phone, email, or in person (if you happen to live locally to us), to ascertain the best product(s) for your particular needs and budget.

Please contact us to let us know about your particular situation.


Here is the rest of our range of Electromagnetic Protection products .....

12-Point Resonator Tab
For scanners, photocopiers, TV sets, cable and satellite boxes, DVDs, VCRs, audio equipment and speakers
Designed specifically to help neutralize the harmful aspects of electromagnetic fields that emanate from scanners, photocopiers, TV sets, cable and satellite boxes, VCRs, audio equipment and speakers. It is also designed to stir up stagnant Chi in a given area, as with "Feng Shui," and therefore serves double duty as an energy enhancer for any space.
Measures nearly 1 inch across

$ 15.00
3-Hole Resonator - Wired Appliances
For household appliances and office equipment running on mains electricity
Designed specifically to help clear the harmful aspects of electromagnetic radiation from normal household appliances and office equipment running on mains electricity, such as computer systems, fluorescent lights, power breaker bars, hot water heaters, dimmer switches and refrigerators etc.
Measures just 1 inch across

$ 15.00
3-Hole Resonator - Wireless Appliances
For wireless electronics, such as wireless computer systems and tablets using Bluetooth, wi-fi Internet, 3G and 4G wireless connectivity, cordless phone base stations, and from microwave ovens
Designed specifically to help clear the harmful aspects of electromagnetic radiation that come from an ever increasing number of wireless electronics, such as wireless computer routers, laptops and tablets using wi-fi Internet and computer systems using Bluetooth wireless communications.
Measures just 1 inch accross

$ 15.00
Cellular Phone Tab
For cell, cordless and regular phones, small 7" tablets, and Bluetooth headsets
Designed specifically to clear harmful electromagnetic radiation from phones: cellular, cordless or regular, small 7" tablets and e-readers, and from Bluetooth headsets that are used with cellular phones. Cell phones and household cordless phones have been found to be particularly detrimental to human health. Attaches to the top of a phone close to the antenna, or behind the earphone, using an adhesive pad (included).
Measures just 0.5 inches across

$ 15.00
Crystal Catalyst Pendants
Nine different gemstone combinations, each addressing a specific issue and area of concern
These beautiful pendants, each comprised of a specific gemstone combination and enhanced with a Crystal Catalyst® Personal Protective Bead, have been designed to enhance the body, mind and spirit, and to address specific issues or concerns. They also provide continuous protection from electromagnetic radiation, due to the presence of the Crystal Catalyst® Personal Protective Bead.
Measures from 1.25 inch to 2 inches in length depending on gemstone combination

$ 27.95
Electronic Smog Buster Tab
Provides inexpensive protection from corded telephones and from most electrical devices, as well as being an aid to sleeping and energy flow in the body
Designed specifically to be an inexpensive way to help neutralize the harmful aspects of electromagnetic radiation emanating from corded telephones, computers, TVs, and most other electrical devices. Can be adhered to offending item with an adhesive pad (included). Can also be used as an aid to sleeping and to help with energy flow in the body.
Measures approximately 1 inch across.

$ 12.50