Benefits of the Chi Lite for Redlight Therapy

Now anyone, professional or non-professional, can benefit from affordable redlight therapy!

Introducing the Chi LiteChi Lite Redlight Therapy

About half a century ago a revolutionary new discovery was made that would lead to putting a hand-held device in your hand that could relieve pain. It was found that certain monochromatic (single-wavelength) light beams had excellent therapeutic properties, especially on afflicted cell tissue, through a process called “photostimulation.”

Various wavelengths in the red and infrared color spectrum were tested, and researchers found that the 660 nanometer red wavelength was the most effective redlight therapy they could find. This wavelength was the closest to the actual resonance frequency of a healthy cell.

How is this redlight therapy best delivered?

Scientists discovered that a continuous redlight therapy beam sedates the tissue, resulting in relief of pain, relaxation of tense muscles and reduced swelling, while a pulsed redlight therapy beam stimulates the DNA within the afflicted cell, causing the cell to produce an increased quantity of protein and calcium, which results in accelerated healing of the tissue – 3 to 5 times faster than normal.

Two ways were found that best allowed redlight therapy to reach problem areas in the body;  direct application of the light onto an area of skin, where it penetrates about one inch into the soft tissue, or the beam applied directly onto acupuncture points, for a deeper penetration.

Having a single (monochromatic) light wavelength, the beam travels through the body’s acupuncture meridian channels, reaching internal areas within the body. This turns the light into an extremely effective acupuncture point stimulator.

Using both direct application and acupuncture / acupressure point techniques, any problem area within the body can be reached and addressed.

The best methods of producing the desired monochromatic, single-wavelength light for redlight therapy

As this incredible innovation was being discovered and tested, researchers found that the two best methods of producing the desired monochromatic, single-wavelength light for redlight therapy were either by the use of a laser,  or LED (Light-Emitting Diode). Lasers and LEDs were both capable of producing the essential monochromatic light beam without introducing other wavelengths or impurities. In hospitals and clinics, lasers and LEDs have both been proven to be effective in stimulating damaged cell tissue, resulting in the relief of pain, accelerated wound healing, the treatment of various skin conditions, wrinkle removal and deep stimulation of the acupuncture meridians.

Most lasers used in redlight therapy are expensive and are approved only for use by licensed physicians and health professionals – until now!

With recent advances in LED technology, small hand held devices such as the Chi Lite are almost comparable to a laser. The advantages of LED redlight therapy are tremendous, and this technology is now almost unbelievably affordable. In fact, the cost of the Chi Lite is about one-tenth that of a laser, and its life expectancy is approximately 20 times longer. Even more exciting is the fact that the Chi Lite is completely harmless, with absolutely no side effects. This allows the Chi Lite to be used on a much wider range of problems than a laser, and by professional and lay persons, alike.

Research has shown that when using redlight therapy on affected cell tissue, it’s the “monochromatic, single-wavelength” feature that is the key to cellular response, which is offered by both laser and the LED Chi Lite.

The Chi Lite puts affordable, redlight therapy, literally, in the palm of your hand!

The Chi Lite uses the restorative power of LED light to reduce pain and promote healing by the use of this soft, but powerful, 660 nanometer red beam of light, which simulates the frequency of a normal healthy cell. It’s safe, easy to use, and proven for a wide variety of ailments;

  • Soothes surface wounds, abrasions, burns
  • Penetrates deep to heal muscles and joints
  • Reduces swelling
  • Heals scar tissue
  • Improves endurance, sleep and immune system

What makes the Chi Lite a superior choice for anyone in search of a great healing tool?

  • Uses only proven redlight therapy technology
  • Has solid and pulsed beams, with high and low settings for each
  • Convenient flashlight-type design
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Can be carried in a pocket or purse
  • Great for travel
  • Runs on two AA batteries
  • Measures just 7.5″ in length
  • Comes complete with protective case

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