The Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook

Crop Circle TouristThe Crop Circle Tourist is the Essential Guide to the Crop Circles and Ancient Sites of Southern England

Have you ever wanted to travel to England and walk inside a crop circle? How about visiting an ancient site such as Stonehenge? As an American you may think England is almost the same as the United States. After all, we speak the same language, right!

You probably also think that England is small and easy to get around. That you can just hop on a plane, and as soon as you have driven just a few miles from Heathrow Airport in your hire car, you will be taking photos of your first castle, and setting foot inside your first crop circle.

Well, maybe, if you go on an organized tour costing thousands of dollars, it might go something like that, but what if you want to go it alone, what do you do then?

How are you going to know where to go to see a crop circle, or when the ancient sites are open to the public, what to ask for if you can’t find a restroom, and, most importantly, why is this pint of beer I’ve just purchased in an English pub a lot larger and warmer than the beer I’m used to back home.

Rather than wasting valuable time with trial and error, the Crop Circle Tourist is almost like having a tour guide on your mobile device. It has chapters on geography, history, driving, banking, shopping, where to stay, common translations, eating out, conferences, the weather, London, where to go to meet like-minded people, public transport, crop circles, castles, ancient monuments, and houses, including the real Downton Abbey!

As you can see, all is revealed in the Crop Circle Tourist Guidebook, which, by the way, was first written as a real book back in 2001, but has now been updated and re-edited, and transformed into an ebook that can be download onto your mobile device. It can also be read on your home computer and tablet. You can easily carry it with you wherever you travel. It has more pages than the original, and, therefore, is bigger, but lighter, and very much flatter, and could soon be appearing on a screen near you should you decide to download it.

Click here to learn more and to download.

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