Holistic Voice

Doe Kelly – Holistic Voice Teacher & Coach
Soprano, B. Music – Voice Performance
NYC Training & Background
Experienced Breath & Energy Worker
Holistic Voice Teacher / Coach
Reiki III (Master Level)
Recording & Voice Over Artist

Available in Longmont, Colorado.

What is Holistic Voice?

I have been eager to define this phrase, myself, ever since it first occurred to me some time ago! And although the definition has still not entirely crystalized in my mind, for now, my current thoughts on the subject are: if you are looking for someone to teach you vocal technique, divorced from the essence of who you are, and in a somewhat perfunctory, perhaps dry manner, who will teach you scales (but overlook that there is an actual person behind the voice), you have possibly come to the wrong teacher! If, however, you are looking for a mentor to help you with improving your vocal production as well as guide you, the whole you – your voice, body, mind, breath, feelings, and spirit, into a space of functioning awareness, then you may well have landed on this web page at the perfect time!

My Background

I have been active for many years not only in singing and performing, but have been, for decades, an avid and passionate student of spirituality, metaphysics, human behavior/relationships, and alternative health. I am also a breathworker and Reiki practitioner (see below), and have been a representative of holistically oriented products, as well as an advocate of a holistic paradigm for many years. I, therefore, approach the teaching of students as something that encompasses dimensions other than the simple acquisition of a set of skills, but as a more complex and complicated process, in which the student’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit, not to mention will are all involved.

How can I help you?

I am available as your personal teacher and coach, to help you with singing, speaking, and simply being comfortable in your body while doing so. How you breathe is a common thread in all these endeavors. When we are in touch with our breath and are therefore more in touch with our inner world, we can then achieve a greater awareness in the body/mind/spirit for proficient singing and speaking. If your desire is to be able to sing or speak with more elegance, beauty, grace, and self-awareness, and with greater confidence and comfort, then I would be happy to assist, as your guide and mirror!

And…if you are looking for specific feedback from an experienced singer, positive coach/support person, breathworker/energy-worker/empath, and-or you simply wish to gain confidence in expressing yourself through your voice, let’s chat!

Whether counting the breath in meditation, mastering advanced breathing skills for singing or speaking, or doing conscious breathing/breathwork or yoga as a way to access one’s inner Self, the practice of some form of conscious breathing will help get you in touch with your spirit, life force and, literally, inspiration! For, to inspire is to literally bring in spirit (prana, chi) via the breath!

How much are lessons?

$55 for an initial 1 1/4 hr. intake/lesson, then $38 to $45 for subsequent 1 hr. lessons (depending on choice of payment schedule or package).

Students and/or guardian of a minor are asked to complete and sign an intake/questionnaire/agreement form prior to the first lesson.

Making an appointment

Please contact me to arrange a complimentary 20 min. phone chat!

Learn more about Holistic Voice and About Me as your guide and facilitator.

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