How To Use The Chi Lite

To turn on the Chi Lite – press the button that is located on the bottom of the light.

To turn off the Chi Lite – again press the button on the bottom of the light.

Your Chi Lite has 2 Distinct Modes – the first being a Solid Beam of light, and the second being a Pulsed Beam of light.

Both Solid and Pulsed Beams have high and low-intensity settings:

To rotate through the four different settings, press the button on the bottom of the light. Pressing the button will allow you to turn on and off each distinct setting, rotating through each and beginning with the Solid Beam (high and low), then followed by the Pulsed Beam (high and low).

The Solid Beam (both high and low intensity) will show itself as a solid beam of red light, but when the Pulsed Beam is selected (both high and low intensity), it will visibly flicker for a few seconds to “announce” that it is on Pulse before changing to a solid appearance (in actuality, the beam is pulsing, just not visible to the naked eye).

To repeat, each time the Green Button on the bottom of the light is pressed, the setting changes, rotating through Solid – High, Solid – Low, Pulsed – High, Pulsed – Low.

The Solid Beam is used to calm or sedate:


The Pulsed Beam is used to stimulate and increase circulation on:


The High Beam has more power, penetrates more deeply, and can cover a larger area, for example, muscles and back.

The Low Beam is effective in smaller areas and allows for more battery life; it is more comfortable around the eyes.

Requires 2 AA Batteries * Waterproof

The Chi Lite will alert you to low batteries by beginning to flicker a bit while you are using it. When the batteries are completely depleted, the Chi Lite will turn off.

To change the batteries pull off the foam hand grip from the metal shaft and unscrew at the end close to where the on/off button is located.

The Chi Lite has a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee and a One Year Warranty on the product.

There are many uses for the Chi Lite and the Internet has loads of research on red light LED therapy. Please also see the Chi Lite on our website (below).

Best Application

  1. Find the most painful point (trigger point).
  1. Hold the Chi Lite over the trigger point for about 20% of the time you will be using it. You can use the Lite through clothing.

a) Use the solid beam straight into that point for 30 seconds, saturating the point.

b) Begin to make small (about 3-4 inches) clockwise circles, slowly covering the area with red light for approximately 20 minutes.

c) Using your other hand, palpate the area for other trigger points. Repeat above as time permits.

d) Finish with 10 seconds of light on each fingertip and/or toe tip, which opens and balances the meridians on that arm or leg.

If the pain is in your back:

  1. Saturate the trigger point and make larger and larger clockwise circles over a 4-6 inch area.
  2. Finish by using the Lite like an acupuncture needle; point it directly into the skin, beginning right under the middle of each buttock, then moving down the mid line of the back of each leg, in turn, stopping every ten inches for about 10 seconds until you reach the ankle.
  3. The last point is right under the outside anklebone (UB 60 on the chart).

Using this protocol, many people feel the pain traveling down the leg and releasing!

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