Doe Kelly
Reiki III (Master Level) Practitioner
Experienced Energy/Breathworker
Holistic Voice Teacher

Reiki available in Longmont and Boulder, Colorado

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy that is transmitted through the hands to one’s self or another. It is believed by many to be the way Jesus and the Buddha healed, but which was then lost in ancient texts, or held as a guarded secret by those not wishing this knowledge to be widely shared. As an ancient method of healing whose primordial (and even modern) roots are somewhat open to speculation, it was sought after and “rediscovered” in the early 20th century by a Japanese teacher and scholar, Mikao Usui, who named it “Reiki.”

Translated loosely from the Japanese, Rei = “Universal Life Force” and Ki = “Energy.” Reiki is, therefore, Universal Life Force or Universal Life Energy. This same energy is known in many different cultures by such names as prana, ch’i, ki, xi, mana, orgone, orenda, and on it goes. Reiki eventually made its way from Japan, in the mid-late 20th century, to Hawaii, the mainland U.S. and to the rest of the world, where it has gained not only popularity but continues to gain scientific credibility as a healing art.

(The below video of me doing Reiki on an aura camera/videographer was taken in 2013 at an international trade show, in Denver, CO.)

Reiki can be transmitted in person, or remotely, to both humans and animals. When receiving Reiki in person, unlike massage, the recipient remains fully clothed at all times.

Why would someone want to have a Reiki session?

Receiving Reiki can lead to profound relaxation, altered states, including heightened awareness and insight, emotional release and healing, as well as the experience of spiritual initiation. It can help relieve pain and soothe anxiety. And although not a lot of claims can be made for the healing effects that some recipients report, since the Reiki energy is in direct communication with the innate healing intelligence of the body, it can be said that Reiki’s deeply balancing effect enhances the body’s ability to self-heal, the individual’s connection with the Higher Self being the determining factor as to where the Reiki “lands” in a given session (despite any intentions put forth by either healer or healee)! Reiki is a profound gift, to both practitioner and recipient, supporting healing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

My background

I have been an active and avid student of spirituality, metaphysics, human behavior/relationships, and alternative health for many years. When I was 21, I was reading the works of Wilhelm Reich on orgone energy. In my late twenties and early thirties, I began the “deep dive” into my spiritual path through the modality then known as rebirthing (breathwork).  Rebirthing breathwork awoke in me both a desire to be a healer as well as the ability of my hands to transmit healing energy. I subsequently received my level I Reiki initiation in the early 1980s, in NYC, and have been a Reiki practitioner ever since.  I met my Level II Reiki initiator/Master Teacher a few years later, while on a three-month spiritual sojourn in India, and was subsequently initiated by her into Reiki Level II, at her home in Delaware in the late 1980s. I received my Level III (Master level) initiation in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. I have practiced Reiki sporadically over many years, but now maintain a small practice in my Longmont home, and in Boulder (in the wellness center of a large retirement center). As well as being a Reiki Master Level practitioner, I have an extensive background and continue to work within the fields of: voice – singing/ teaching/ coaching/ performance, sacred breathwork, and a number of other holistically oriented modalities. (See “About Doe Kelly” page.)

How often will I need to come, is one session enough?

It is difficult to generalize, sometimes one session may be exactly what a person needs in the moment. For many others, and depending on your situation, your state of health or dis-ease,  stress or relaxation, your goals and intentions for improving your state of well being, coming for a few visits over a relatively brief time span could be the best option. A good starting point for someone seeking rebalancing of some aspect of their life would be, say, five sessions in relatively rapid succession, say within a two week time period, followed by a “wait and see” attitude for follow-up (which then might occur perhaps once or twice a month, for maintenance). For chronic situations, ongoing regular sessions could be the best option, and that could best assist your body to re-balance and recover some or all of its (lost or diminished) ability to self-heal.

How much does a session cost?

$70 for an approx. 1 1/4 hour session, and if you decide to come on a regular basis, we can work something out for slightly less, including the option to purchase a package of 5 prepaid sessions for $325. Concessions are also available to those who demonstrate true financial need (and who ask!).

Make an appointment

Please contact me by email to set up an initial telephone conversation. From there, we will see if we are a “match” and proceed accordingly!

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