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Discover holistic healing and the many alternative paths to wellness and radiant health with non-invasive, all natural methods

In our vision of the future, healing and wellness will not just be accomplished by a visit to the doctor, a drug or an invasive surgery. Instead, it will come about by more advanced, effective, gentler, less invasive and more pleasurable means, as we balance our bodies, minds, and spirits by so-called “alternative” methods. In our minds, and in the minds of many forward-thinking individuals, this would include the literal raising of one’s frequency or cellular vibration/voltage, as well as the purification of one’s thoughts and feelings. The Masters of the Far East have known this for eons; quantum physicists and other individuals in the West are just beginning to catch up with these ancient, rediscovered truths.

We, therefore, offer you some alternative wellness tools providing solutions and answers for all levels, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual…

Chi Lite
By LiteWorks

Chi Lite (Thumb)

Pain relief and healing with red light therapy with this hand-held wand. Red LED light simulates the frequency of healthy cells with a laser-like light that is safe and cool to the touch. Battery operated and based on proven NASA technology. Two beam options, solid for pain, and pulsed for healing, both with high and low settings. Many uses…learn more.



Perkl Light Energy Spa
By Star EnergeticsPerkl-Light (Thumb)

Generate chi with this brand new light-based technology! The Perkl Light Energy Spa uses a new light-based technology to engage the life force in your body. Clears energy blocks, and can give you a quick energy-boost when you are tired or fatigued. Energetically clears and reprograms jewelry, crystals, water, or eyeglasses in seconds, and can energetically clear a room in a few minutes. For personal or professional use….learn more.

The Quantum PulseQuantum Pulse (Thumb)
By VIBE Technologies

We offer sessions with our Quantum Pulse machine for our clients in the Longmont / Boulder area of Colorado, USA. The Quantum Pulse, a non-invasive frequency machine developed by Gene Koonce in Greeley Colorado, transmits energy at the frequency of healthy cells, allowing natural healing to take place in the body and providing enhanced protection from harmful physical and environmental substances. You simply sit next to the machine for just a few minutes each session to receive its beneficial effects….learn more.




Chanson Violet Counter Top Water IonizerChanson Violet Thumb
By Chanson Water

Alkalize and filter your drinking water with one of the world’s most advanced mid-level water ionizers. Offers five plate technology and other and cutting-edge features. Great value….learn more.


Chanson Miracle Counter Top Water IonizerChanson Miracle (Thumb)
By Chanson Water

Alkalize and filter your drinking water with one of the world’s most advanced top of the range water ionizers. Offers seven plate technology and many other cutting-edge features. You simply won’t find a better countertop water ionizer for this price….learn more.


The Tapping Solution BookThe Tapping Solution Book – A Revolutionary System For Stress-Free Living
By Nick Ortner

With this book, you’ll learn how to get to the root causes of financial challenges, weight loss issues, emotional problems, relationship hiccups and any other issues and learn how to use EFT Tapping to address them right then and there to get immediate results….learn more.



The Tapping Solution For Pain ReliefThe Tapping Solution For Pain Relief – A Step-By-Step Guide To Reducing And Eliminating Chronic Pain
By Nick Ortner

Physical pain doesn’t need to limit your life any longer. The simple technique known as Tapping, or EFT, can allow you to finally get to the root cause of your physical pain and release it….learn more.


The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss & Body ConfidenceThe Tapping Solution For Weight Loss & Body Confidence – A Woman’s Guide to Stress Less, Weighing Less and Loving More
By Jessica Ortner

An easy to read, step-by-step book that will help you end your weight loss struggles, eliminate the stress of dieting and create a body and life where you feel confident, healthy and in control. What you’ll find in this book is an entirely different approach to losing weight, one the works from the inside out….learn more.

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